It’s Time to Consider Content Quality Assurance

The most important thing you should know about quality assurance is that it differs from quality control. Both of these processes are necessary when creating a service or product. Although these two processes are linked to each other, they require different approaches, no matter where they are used. The success of a content marketing strategy to a large extent depends on quality assurance and quality control.

  • Quality assurance is aimed to make sure that all the processes are performed in the right way and in the right order. Quality assurance must take place even before the creative process begins.
  • Quality control may take place during the creative process so that you can make sure that you will get the expected results.

The need for quality assurance is dictated by various problems content marketers and creators are dealing with. For example, the most common problems are duplicate content, inaccurate or outdated information, and irrelevant or off-brand content.

Most often, such problems are accompanied by a lack of attention to the website. Lagging governance, ineffective workflow, insufficient resources, and poor educational oversight are also common reasons why the quality of content declines or the content fails to fulfill its purpose. If visitors are not satisfied with their experience on your website, they are 88% less likely to visit it again.

No matter which of these problems you’re dealing with, such issues can pile up and turn your website into a liability, while you need it to be an asset. Let’s consider quality assurance in more detail so that you can understand how to avoid these problems.

The Purpose of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of content marketing. It’s important to be able to objectively measure the success of your content, evaluating the effectiveness of the content in relation to your objectives.

As we’ve already mentioned above, quality assurance should precede the creative process because you should clearly understand all the procedures to develop an effective content strategy. Otherwise, you will risk wasting time, and the overall quality of your results will decline. Thus, you should determine the necessary tools, keywords, etc.

Any content marketing strategy should be based on insights into a particular audience. Even the most beautifully written content is useless if there’s no way to measure the outcome from it in the context of the company goals. The quality of content is impossible to determine without understanding whether or not this content fits its purpose. Therefore, quality assurance for content marketing must be based on performance indicators.

It’s also important to ensure the inclusive planning process at the approval stage. If you need someone to approve your project, the best solution is to provide detailed information on its objectives and to explain who is the targeted audience. Although quality assurance may be time-consuming, it’s the only way to make sure that the right content will be used for the right purposes.

The Importance of Quality Assurance for a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketers should start thinking of quality assurance at the very beginning of the project, being able to estimate the necessary resources depending on expectations and goals. However, this should be an ongoing process, as the need for quality assurance doesn’t disappear when the website is successfully launched.

Having a website is somewhat similar to having a car: you should keep investing your resources and time to keep the engine running.

Quality assurance is aimed to ensure the accuracy of content, which makes it crucial for your credibility. Proper spelling, accurate data, well-functioning links, and many other factors make accuracy a key factor for building your credibility.

Make sure that you don’t have any broken links on your website, proofread the content, and ensure consistent style throughout all the online materials. The publishing process should include an editorial review of submitted drafts and the necessary revision by the author.

Quality assurance should be based on ongoing audits. This approach allows for quick action planning and constant improvement of content. “Audits shouldn’t only happen when it comes to redesigning the project. They are an integral part of content quality assurance, along with web analytics consultations and reviews of web content,” explains Sonia Pothast, a digital marketer at College-Writers.

We suggest that you create an editorial calendar, scheduling content reviews. A marketing team can determine the most efficient practices and the frequency of such reviews. Audits also help identify the need for revisions, consolidation, or removal of content.

Your content should also be relevant and properly targeted. These two factors should be a part of your quality assurance strategy. The main thing is to make sure that your content is related to your brand, mission-aligned, and goal-oriented. Relevant content is always a result of proper targeting and analysis of the audience. If you want to create high-quality content, you need clear goals and communication objectives.

Benefits of Quality Assurance

  •  It helps build reliability and trust   

A good quality assurance strategy not only allows you to optimize your digital marketing campaigns and ensures the success of data capturing but also enables you to improve the overall brand experience. Therefore, it has a direct influence on the relationships between your brand and customers or prospects.

Brand experience is a complex concept which is based on thoughts, feelings, and emotions that determine the behavior of your audience. Most often, prospects’ brand experience begins with digital marketing, and that’s why quality assurance is so important. You should feel confident about your website and make sure that all the campaigns work properly, driving traffic and creating a unique experience for everyone.

  • Quality testing gives more time for management and planning     

 Successful digital marketing teams always develop a strategy for quality assurance and management. When you have a clear strategy for quality assurance, you can save time and resources. Quite often, an effective strategy also eliminates the need for in-house quality assurance teams.

Having more time for planning and management, digital marketers can develop the most effective methods, increasing the ROI of their efforts.

  • An opportunity to get measurable results     

Even companies that have nothing to do with software or e-commerce depend on their marketing websites. The quality of the website and its loading speed always play a very important role, however, e-commerce companies are the best example of a business that depends on a properly working website. According to statistics, just a one-second decrease in loading time leads to a 7% decrease in shopping cart abandonment.

Any digital marketer knows that their success is related to the ability to prove ROI on marketing efforts. Quality assurance can provide you with measurable results, allowing you to prove the effectiveness of your content strategy.


Quality assurance is a necessary part of content marketing. It allows digital marketing teams to measure the success of their strategy, considering the content in the context of the key goals. When companies build their creative process around accurate quality assurance, they can save time and resources.

A properly planned quality assurance strategy helps build credibility, creating relevant and perfectly targeted content that generates traffic and improves the overall brand experience.


Ester Brierley

Ester Brierley

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