7 Sure Ways to Get Motivated to Start Your Own Business

Are you bold enough? Are you brave enough? Or you’re ready to grow from an employee into an owner of a business?

It’s a tough question. As soon as you think about it, your ego takes control. “Sure; I’m brave and bold. I could start a business today if I wanted to. But I’m also scared of failure.” That’s your ego talking. The fear of failure is a major threat, so you’re more comfortable thinking “I could, but it’s better to stay safe.”

It’s okay. Starting our own business is an entirely new experience. It’s scary. But it’s also the right thing to do when you know you have a great idea and you’re sure it could work.

So how do you find the motivation to start that business once and for all? How do you stand up to the fear of failure and prove yourself that you’re worthy of a chance? The answer is simple: you need motivation, and you have to find it in the right place. When you shift your mindset from being afraid to being motivated, you’ll be ready to take the steps towards success.

We’ll suggest 7 definite ways to get motivated to start your own business.

1. Read an Inspiring Book Helps You Start Your Own Business

No; we’re not talking about popular psychology books. That stuff works for you? Cool; you may read it. However, we suggest something more effective in terms of obtaining the business mindset you need: inspiring books written by inspiring business people.

First of all, you should start reading the literature from the industry you want to become part of. If, for example, you want to start your own business in the fashion brand, Dior by Dior and The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg would be a nice start.

Then, you may proceed with books that are universally motivating for anyone who wants to start a business. Here are few suggestions:

All these books motivate you to do the same thing: find the courage to start your own business. However, the stories and the tips are different, so you’ll grow more motivated as you keep reading.

2. Formulate Your Personal Mission

Each and every business has its mission statement. Scholar Advisor, for example, is an online writing service with a mission to deliver high-quality content to students who need assistance with academic writing. MAC, one of the most successful makeup brands in the world, has a mission statement based on artistry, individuality, community, trendsetting, and social responsibility.

What will the mission statement of your business be? This statement should describe the general goals of your future organization, as well as its underlying core values and the culture you tend to establish.

The purpose of a mission statement is to motivate the business owners to stay on the right track. People often start businesses with good intentions but stray away from the right direction somewhere along the way. A well-formulated mission statement reminds them of the initial motivation they had.

Write your mission statement. Keep it on the nightstand, so it will be the first thing you read every single morning. You can even use it as a base for a new tattoo. Hey; everything works as long as you get a constant reminder about this business goal.

3. Write a List of Benefits You’ll Get

The fear of failure constantly reminds you of the potential pitfalls. You might lose your savings. The business may not be attractive to today’s audiences. You might get in debt. Most of all, you might fail miserably.

Stop thinking like that!

If you have a great idea, you plan things well, and you stay persistent enough, the business will work. That’s the mindset you want to obtain. Try to think of the great benefits instead!

  • You’ll finally get out of that 9-to-5 gear. You’ll be your own boss. Yes; you might need to work even more, but you’ll be doing it for the good of your own business.
  • The business might work. The business will You’ll be doing what you love and you’ll be making money along the way.

You can’t expect for your big chance to hit you out of the blue. You have the option to create it, so do it!

4. Start the Day with Self-Affirmations

Before you’re ready to dive into this business adventure, you need to go through a process of preparation. You should shift your daily routine towards inspirational practices.

Start the day with few self-affirmations!

  • I am good enough.
  • I have a great idea!
  • Today I will make it work.
  • I can do this!

This is not vain small talk. It’s a technique that can restore people’s self-competence. Researchers proved that! They found that the neural activity that results from self-affirmations was successful in changing people’s sedentary behavior. In other words, it triggers you to action.

5. Run!

If you spend the entire day with other people, you won’t have any time to think about this business idea. You need to spend some time alone, so you’ll allow it to develop itself in the most natural direction.

This doesn’t mean that you should take half an hour of your day to force yourself to think about the business. Ideas don’t come when you force them. You have to relax! Physical activity shifts your focus on the body, so you’ll set the mind free of all worries.

Physical activity keeps you fit, but also improves your self-esteem. It helps you to stay positive and it drives your mind towards focus and clarity. You have absolutely nothing to lose if you try.

6. Meditate

So you have your big idea, but you still haven’t developed it to a clear form. You have a general goal, but you have no idea how you can get there. You need a plan! The business world is brutal, so you have to enter only after you set specific steps to follow.

Meditation helps with that!

This practice will help you identify and clarify the ideas you have. It will calm you down. It will enable you to filter out the noise in your mind, so you’ll focus on a specific concept.

7. Read Business Case Studies

How did successful entrepreneurs start? Some of them wrote books that tell you how they overcame different challenges. Others give us hints through interviews. But the best way to learn about the way businesses deal with different issues is to read case studies.

For starters, you can go through the 40 most popular case studies of 2017, provided by Yale School of Management. Read them very carefully. They give you hints into an entrepreneur’s mindset. They also give you a real picture of the business world. It’s full of challenges that demand solutions.

Case studies show you that a business is not only about the product or service. It’s about fitting in the business environment and finding a way to stand out. That’s a possible thing to do, and case studies will prove you so.

You Can Do It!

The real question at this point is: do you want to start your own business?

If you answered “Yes,” then there’s absolutely no reason for you to hold back. Will you use this life to become successful or will you keep avoiding action towards making your dreams come true? Of course, you’ll take action! If you’re aiming towards success and personal realization, the action is the only way forward.

If you lack inner motivation, there’s a remedy. The first step is to change your mindset. After that, you’ll be ready to take risks and dive into the world of business. Hopefully, the tips above will be the springboard you need. Buckle up and start your own business now!

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