How Can New Startups Adopt the Entrepreneur Mindset

After the fourth failed attempt at starting a successful business, I said, “This is it. Entrepreneurship is not for me. This is clearly for people who don’t live here.”

I hated it. Since I had some business I was able to initiate the idea, but somewhere down the lane, I was doing something wrong.

I have learned many things from my failure. Every startup project taught me some valuable lessons. And with my fifth startup, the business was somewhat stable. Know that as a business leader, you’ll need to be inspiring one.

Having an entrepreneur mindset is like being a parent. You need to take care of your startup just as you nurture your kid. In the start, you’ll need to spend a lot of time on your baby. Before they start walking, you need to hold them and walk with them on every step. With the startup, you need to do the same.

Despite your kid falling down, again and again, you will give your kid a chance to learn, evolve, and to sit-back while the kid learns to walk properly. In your startup, you’ll be faced with a similar scenario. You need to work on every aspect of your business to help in the process of evolution.

I have done a lot of mistakes while trying to establish a sustainable business. And I am happy to share some of the wisdom nuggets with you. Although I am still a student of life, these are the lessons which I’ve learned.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned through the years and I am happy to share it with you.

Big vision with little execution

Start with a grand vision, but start with baby steps. Execute them before you move towards the big vision.

If you’re planning to sell products online. You need to start by developing an eCommerce website. Once you’re done with the website, you need to take care of the other aspects of marketing, finance, and even the product delivery.

But you need to start with a single thing and execute it.

Execute fast and break some things. How will you know your true potential, if you don’t execute little things first?

It is easy to do the talking, what takes effort is execution.

Never be afraid to fail. But, yes what you need to be afraid of, is not trying. You cannot afford the luxury to give-up on things that matter the most to you. Instead, you need to face the challenges and kill your fear in the process.

Do hard work but delegate some work

As an Entrepreneur, I was overwhelmed with work. This was because I knew most of the things like graphic design, Facebook marketing, and even the sales. So, I tried to do everything myself. Because I thought if I am not doing things myself it will not be done the way I want.

The biggest eye-opener was the day I found that I can hire people to do jobs for me. I can use online task management tools to do delegate some stuff and leave the decision part to me.

Smart entrepreneur mindset knows the difference between doing things that are necessary and doing things which are not worth their time. As a leader you need to clear your mind with what you’re good at, and what can you invest your time in.

Under promise, but over deliver

When I started my first company, I was really excited. I took time to talk to every client personally and in doing so I committed things that I was not able to accomplish. In the start, every business is a struggling business. You evolve as you learn things on your way up.

When the work started I came to know that brand reputation and trust is one thing that people look up to.

You can promise things and over deliver. This is the right strategy that you need to learn and follow.

Diversify, diversify, & diversify

My second business was a total wreck because I was not able to create a different business. I started a business which was already there. I dreamed of making it better but turned out to follow the business as it is.

Whatever you’re doing. You need to add your own flavor to it. You cannot adopt the same idea but expect people to come and buy things from you.

In MBA program they teach about creating a USP for your business. There need to be something which your business is doing what others are not doing. Pick-up one service and master it. Do it better than others.

Focus the YES and the NO

If you’re able to say YES to everything that life throws at you, soon you’ll need to say NO to things which are important to you and your business.

As a startup, you will be fueled by the idea. You’ll love everything about your business. Every aspect of your business needs attention. But, you don’t need to put your full attention to everything.

As mentioned earlier do the things you’re good at, but once your business start growing, you need to start delegating tasks. There is nothing wrong with saying NO to few things. This is because you need to say YES to things that matter to you and your business in the long run.

Have fun as part of the entrepreneur mindset

My first business was with my brother.

It was a roller coaster ride. We didn’t know much about how things work in the real life. So, we figured things right there in real time.

When we started we knew nothing how a business works?

So, basically, we were on our own. But, the fun part was we were enjoying the process. From sales to product delivery we were enjoying every moment of it.

If your startup is not making you happy, it is best to switch and do something you love. You need to start something which you can love even when you don’t feel like doing it.

No matter which business you start, you need to love the business wholeheartedly. You need to know what makes you tick.

To wrap things up

You cannot afford the luxury to fail and not learn anything from it. You need to learn how to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads. It is good to fail, but it is not good to leave the field without learning from it. You need to learn from everything that you have. Every encounter that you came across teaches you something. As an Entrepreneur, you learn every minute of the day.

There is no one-way to achieve your goal. Keep your goal constant but make your approach flexible. There are many ways to do one thing. Don’t baffle yourself in following just one way. Maybe the other way can give more results.

Your job as an Entrepreneur is to ensure that you’re on the right path. Only you can decide the path and allow people to trust your judgments. Decide what feels right to you, and stick to that decision. No need to back out from your decision, once you’ve made-up your mind.

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