How a Translation Strategy Can Benefit Your Business

When you want to build a professional image of your brand and have an international success, you need accurate translation services. If we are to analyze the top 10 languages spoken on the Internet, English is on top of the list with more than 800 million active users. Chinese comes next with approximately 700 million users. So, if you do a quick calculation, what would it mean for your business to translate your messages in English and Chinese? You can transmit your messages to more than 1 billion people across the world who can find more about your products, understand your mission, and contact you.

How do you know which translation company is best for you? There are thousands of translation companies, all promising professional, and accurate results. However, when choosing your collaborator, a good tip would be to analyze in detail their clients’ reviews and ask first for a test.

Consider the example of The Word Point, one of the biggest translation companies in the world. Their CEO mentioned in a recent interview: “Starting a new business can be overwhelming sometimes. It happened to us also and we know very well which are the struggles of a new business owner. A good translation strategy can make the difference on your market as it allows you to expand your target audience. Relationships are also important. So, it is always better to do an extensive research and read the clients’ reviews before you start collaborating with a company.”

How can translation help your business?

There are many reasons why business owners decide to translate their marketing content. For example, an international partnership might appear like a fantastic opportunity. So, they need translation services to sell their products to international clients and expand their market reach. What is more, a translation company will help you not only to translate your content, but also personalize it for your target audience.

If you want to taste international success, you need a strong business reputation and brand. Translation companies know very well how a poor branding positioning can affect your image on the market. Therefore, they focus on delivering flawless results and come up with innovative ideas whenever they feel there is room for improvement. Now, we are facing an era when we are not contracting just translation services, but also a team of professionals who are able to come with ideas in different parts of our offering.

Major benefits when implementing a translation strategy for your business

When you decide to enter the international market, there are a lot of challenges and obstacles you will have to overcome. The language barrier is one of the most serious issues you can face abroad. It is extremely difficult to communicate and understand the market’s specifics unless you find a common language channel. This is where a translation company steps in and helps you transmit your messages clearly. Below you can find top 6+ reasons which will help you understand how developing a translation strategy can impact your business:

  • It helps you have a better cultural understanding. It can be very comfortable and easy to operate on a market that’s familiar to you. When going into a foreign market, things change drastically. It will take you a lot of time and research to understand the local culture and people’s behaviors. This is where translation services step in and help you win time in understanding these particularities faster and adapt your business strategy accordingly.
  • Promoting a product on an international market needs more than a translation company. It is very important to know the local language of the country where you plan to expand your business. Therefore, a translation app is exactly what you need for all your travel trips and meetings with international partners. When you are aiming for cross-market integration, this kind of app is exactly what you need. What is more, you can easily install this app on your phone and use it whenever you want to overcome the communication barrier.
  • Translation will help you preserve the original meaning of your messages. You cannot take your slogan and just translate it into a foreign language without checking if it sounds natural. This is why you need a highly accurate content translation to be able to transmit your message to the local community. Translation can become the fine line between international success and failure.
  • Translation can help you create a successful local marketing strategy. If you are ready to start a serious email marketing campaign for your business and cover all the countries where your brand is present, then you will need to rely on your translation collaborators. It is not enough to translate all the materials into English and email them to all your customers. You will need support in translating the most important keywords and find relevant tags that can increase the number of page visitors who can later become your future clients. You need to give people the impression that you know what you are talking about.
  • Understanding the local legislation is crucial if you want to succeed in a foreign country. What is correct and legal in your country might be totally wrong in another one. Even though there are international rules that apply everywhere, each country has its specific set of rules. Thus, you will need to study the local laws and regulations in detail and understand them very well.
  • Translation helps you stay ahead of your competitors. How many companies do you think that invest in a translation strategy when they want to penetrate foreign markets? Not so many! Furthermore, when you enter such a market, you are not only competing with the international companies, but also with the local ones. This means that you need to have strong and accurate messages which follow the local’s voice.
  • An intelligent translation strategy can impact your team’s growth. When you expand your business, you will understand that you will need to hire local people. They can help you succeed with their local knowledge and network. Translation will help you avoid any misinterpretations and misunderstandings when it comes to telling them about your plans and objectives. Moreover, thanks to the translation you will be able to understand what your local employees think and what are their core values.


Accurate translation is extremely important when you want to transmit an accurate message worldwide. Clients are very demanding, and they will penalize each mistake you make. For example, a mistranslation will lead to a serious brand miscommunication which can turn into a significant loss of sales. There are many clients who change the brand when they see there is a translation error in your company messages.

On the international market, it is not enough to just translate your content correctly, but it is also very important to check whether the message was clearly communicated. Implementing a translation strategy in your company is a very wise choice as it can open you the doors to expansion. The more languages you use when you transmit your newsletters and email campaigns, the more chances you have to increase your number of clients.

Pauline Farris
Pauline speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian. She traveled the world to immerse herself in new cultures and learn languages. Today she is proud to be a voting member of the American Translators Association and an active participant of the Leadership Council of its Portuguese Language Division.
Pauline Farris

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