Garage Refreshment

Even we are busy as beavers with the Invoicebus development, we decided to make a few improvements of our blog in aspect of design, organization and comments.


  • Sleek new roof (header) of the garage;
  • We introduce you Christopher, our happy mechanic mascot;
  • A few adjustments of colors and fonts.


As posts have came, we sensed our categories (or so called shelves) are not well defined, and soon will become a hell of a mess. That’s why we decided to replace the old ones on time with these neat, self-explanatory and more general categories:

  • Announcements
  • Business
  • Design
  • Programming (upcoming)
  • Technical stuff
  • Tips & Tricks (upcoming)

Comment system

Here, we want to apologize to all of our readers and fans whose comment was deleted or not answered on our blog during the test period of the facebook comment system. We experienced a few problems and came to this conclusion:

  • Facebook comment system is not reliable and can happen to loose a comment (or all of them);
  • Export/Backup option is not available, unless you rewrite them onto paper;
  • Has very limited moderation features;
  • Comments are not visible for search engines.

For the upcoming period we decided to use the default comment system of our blog.

Invoicebus Team

Invoicebus Team

We're a team comprised of a few die-hard code freaks, lovers of beautiful design, stewards of simplicity, and passionately dedicated to the user experience. Invoicebus is a great vehicle to express what we do best. Click here to learn more on our business philosophy and how we actually do it.
Invoicebus Team
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Invoicebus Team

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  1. Laurence Behizadeh says:

    Thumbs up guys! Really like the new fresh look of your blog. Continue with good work. Hardly wait to hear the launch date of Invoicebus.

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