Invoicebus Got Better & Faster

Recently we had our first update of Invoicebus. Insight of improvements and fixes are given in the following list.

During the official test period we collected feedback from the first Invoicebus users. They gave great ideas and suggestions for improvement of Invoicebus, so we implemented some of those in this update.

The improvements are:

  • Faster adding, editing, deleting of clients, items and taxes;
  • Faster editing of your company info and terms & notes;
  • Faster editing of default email, reminder and thank you note text;
  • Faster loading of new/edit/duplicate invoice and quote;
  • Faster saving of invoices and quotes;
  • Invoices and quotes must have unique number;
  • Tax is automatically selected after saving (when added as a new one);
  • Item name is unique for every item (no duplicates allowed);
  • In total sum tax value is displayed in brackets after tax name;
  • Improved rollback after unsuccessful ajax call;
  • Improved description and text in some parts of the web app and site;
  • Improved and functional Upgrade/Pricing section of the web app and site;
  • Better implementation of the trash.

The bug fixes are:

  • Wrong automatic calculation of the time zone in activity history;
  • Not adding entry in the activity history after quote is converted to invoice;
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Go ahead, create free account and feel how fast your invoicing could be.

Invoicebus Team

Invoicebus Team

We're a team comprised of a few die-hard code freaks, lovers of beautiful design, stewards of simplicity, and passionately dedicated to the user experience. Invoicebus is a great vehicle to express what we do best. Click here to learn more on our business philosophy and how we actually do it.
Invoicebus Team

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  1. mikoj says:

    I’ve just tried your Online Invoicing Software and
    would like to say a few words on it.
    I’ve been developing web-apps for about 10 years and
    never seen such crazy stuff like Invoicebus.
    I’ve been studying the techniques used in your app for hours,
    especially the way you utilize ajax. It’s ahead
    of the curves and surely will have tremendous feedback from
    its customers. Bravo and keep up the good work!

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