Invoicebus Has Been Launched

The arrival

November 30th, 2011 – 23:30min CET – The Invoicebus has finally arrived!

Great thanks to all people who took part in the testing program and helped us tuning the final release version of the application. For those who have left feedback we prepared a few gifts.

We are grateful to all friends and colleagues who supported us during the development process as well.

You can register at and use the free promo period for our premium plan called Single-decker. The promo ends at January 15th 2012.

The Invoicebus Team wishes you a happy ride.

Invoicebus Team

Invoicebus Team

We're a team comprised of a few die-hard code freaks, lovers of beautiful design, stewards of simplicity, and passionately dedicated to the user experience. Invoicebus is a great vehicle to express what we do best. Click here to learn more on our business philosophy and how we actually do it.
Invoicebus Team

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