12 Ways Employers Can Improve Office Surroundings to Boost Productivity

One of the factors that contribute to workplace productivity is the surroundings. When employers mismanage and neglect the workplace environment, it can produce an adverse effect on how well the employees work. Just by making an effort to improve the office surroundings is good enough.

There are many simple changes an employer can make to improve office surroundings to foster productivity. Below are just some of these changes.

Color matters

Color has a significant effect on people’s behavior. Color psychology focuses on this concept and society incorporates this concept into a lot of things. Even advertisers and marketers take note of this concept in their jobs.

According to color psychology, certain color schemes can positively affect productivity in the office. Considering adding a healthy amount of blues and greens which are colors that help keep you calm while at the same time boosts your mental capacity.

Ergonomics is a must for office furniture

When a person is in a constant state of discomfort, this can make them fatigued at a faster rate than usual. Fatigued people are productive for a lesser amount of time and produce poor work quality in the end.

To help people work in comfort, it is essential that employers take into consideration the ergonomics of the office furniture. You can start by making sure that office chairs are comfortable to sit at and follow the natural shape of the spine. That is where a lot of employees spend most of their time, so office chairs are a good start.

Adjust the lighting in the office

A poorly lit office can appear gloomy and depressing which will affect the moods of people that work in the office. Aside from that, poor lighting can add stress to the eyes and tire it out quickly, especially when people are working in front of the computer often.

To avoid eye strain and to uplift people’s moods in the office, try to incorporate plenty of natural light inside the office. It can make your office appear more open and engaging and help aid employees’ productivity levels.

Bring freshness to the office with plants

Indoor air quality affects not only people’s health but also their level of focus. Some studies have shown that air pollution can negatively impact productivity, whether or not the poor air quality condition is apparent to the workers or not.

People may think that improving air quality requires purchasing some special air conditioner which is wrong. Buying more plants and placing them around the office is an economical and effective way of improving air quality in the office.

Keep the temperature at a pleasant level

According to a study on temperature levels and productivity in the office, a cooler office proves to be the ideal temperature for productivity but not as cool as people would usually believe.

Ideally, temperatures should stay within the 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit range so that people who tend to get cold easily don’t freeze. At the same time, it’s cold enough that the heat does not bother anyone who gets hot quickly.

Consider adding scents to the workplace

Another office change that can increase workplace and employee productivity is adding pleasant scents. Some studies have shown that aromatherapy can help reduce stress levels in the office which can make people more focused at work.

However, do be careful with adding scents in the office as it may have an adverse effect depending on the smell especially because some people may be more sensitive to it. Sticking to subtle scents is the key.

Install artworks in the office

An unexpected change in the office that can improve overall work productivity is the installation of artworks and art pieces in the office. Art can inspire creativity in people, and it lightens the atmosphere in any room.

Having a few art decors around is a great way to improve productivity. Plus, it can also be a way to promote your brand if you are smart about which artworks you plan on putting up.

Allow desk personalization

Another way to improve productivity in the office is to encourage employees to customize their desks to their liking. When people personalize their desks, it creates a private space for these individuals, and it really makes the place their own.

Having a private space allows one to have a space to focus and hone in on work better. Plus, it can discourage talkative neighbors from barging in on someone working when a place looks private and closed off in the first place.

Organize and try to eliminate clutter

The cleanliness of one’s office is an excellent indication of the treatment of employees. When an office is unruly, then the environment is not conducive to productivity and employees are less focused on their tasks.

Encourage employees to organize as they go along their day-to-day tasks and make waste bins available at all relevant areas in the office. When you encourage this behavior, there are fewer safety hazards for you and your employees.

Mind the noise level

With the rise of the open office layout in modern workplaces, there are fewer barriers that hinder noise from reaching people who are working. When a person is working in a noisy environment, studies show that they are significantly less productive.

To control this problem, make sure that there are sufficient noise-reducing measures taken in the office. This way, employees are less distracted and have the opportunity to be at their most dynamic form in the work week.

Maintain a clean and healthy work environment

Maintaining a clean work environment also fosters a healthy environment for work. Thus, it is essential that employers keep in mind the cleanliness of the workplace.

Always have the office regularly cleaned by professionals so that you know that the office is as clean as it should be. A clean environment is a healthy environment, and a healthy environment leads to less sick days for your employees which will significantly boost office productivity.

Provide a place to unwind

Many stressors in people’s lives can degrade productivity. Sometimes, people need a small amount of time to take a breather and recenter their focus and their thought processes.

By providing a place for relaxation beforehand, you are keeping your employees’ well-being in mind and encourage them to be at their best at work. A small rest can be an excellent way to boost employee productivity daily.


Proactive employers create the right kind of environment that not only improves productivity and betters work quality but also creates a solid support group for each member of the team. There are many simple office changes that employers can do to improve workplace productivity and few, if any, will make a dent in the wallet.

Productivity in the workplace affects both mental and physical factors, both of which influence each other as well. The changes listed above address both so you can be sure that these changes tackle productivity challenges from all angles.

With that said, good luck and have a productive day!

Raymond Chiu

Raymond Chiu

Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for https://maidsailors.com/office-cleaning-services-nyc/ the leading office cleaning services in NYC. Maid Sailors helps workplaces transform into spotless places.
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