How to Get a Logo Design That Boosts Sales

We have already heard that every business needs an identity design, be it a small or a corporate brand. People often mix a brand’s identity with a visual design for which they miss a lot what a proper logo design can do. A professional logo design is not just a simple visual representation instead it is a design that incorporates a brand’s message, mission, and philosophy in it. Putting efforts in the early start of creating a brand’s identity can reap the best in future. The design will be reflecting your company’s image, and you no longer need to repeat the brand name or its products if the initial design is strong enough from the start.

Customer recognition is not easy to be achieved and requires strenuous efforts on a logo design including other branding elements. Your audience will spontaneously recognize your brand and its product by just looking at your brand’s identity design. But it is not easy as it seems and requires a blend of colors and shapes to come up with a final and professional logo.

Here is a how a logo can help your business to increase sales.

Be Consistent:

A logo design is the most initial step yet a fundamental step and appears on all marketing collaterals, website, and social media. In fact, the same design appears on every single thing of customer interaction. And it starts to connect with the people and with the minds when they see a brand’s logo.

While developing a mental association with the audience, they start to connect the experiences they get out of your brand with your brand’s logo. The experiences then help the audience to memorize the design and recall your brand whenever they see that design. In this way, a logo design helps the audience to understand what a brand is and what it does for them. Building up brand’s loyalty strengthens a customer’s trust with a brand, creates a mental association and ultimately boost up sales.

Identify Your Target Audience:

Identify your target audience

First, before you even draw a rough sketch of your logo, know who is an ideal customer. We all know that customer is the center of the business. All the marketing plans are aimed at satisfying a particular set of people, who are the target customers. To find out more about the ideal customer, do some research. Talk to your client and get answers to some relevant questions regarding the audience. Find out the social and economic backgrounds of the ideal consumer. Know about the competitors of the client and have some knowledge of the target market as well. Also, know about the products or services your client sells or makes before you finalize their brand’s persona.

Be Unique:

Be unique

Research about the current design trends and take an idea about the logo that is trending but does not imitate it. A unique concept makes your brand look different and builds customer expectation from the brand. However, looking up for an entirely new concept is not easy and requires extensive research to come up with a unique yet a trending logo design. Good research, in the beginning, can let your brand earn well in the long term as a good. And nevertheless, a professional logo design attracts your potential customers and eventually increases your sales.

Build Connection With The Audience:

Build connection with the audience

A good logo effectively increases the customer interaction. Branding starts with a logo design, and every business owner’s first job is to increase their visibility in the public eye for which a logo design is a foremost step.

Let us have a look at some famous logos like McDonald’s, Starbucks or Burger King. These brand’s logo has specific colors and design that triggers the minds of the customers and has a psychological impact on the consumers that attracts them towards your brand.

The perfect combination of colors, design and a brand message reflects only in a logo that is professionally designed and not in the ones that are simple visual representation. A logo designer knows well about the colors and their meaning and uses it in the perfect manner. For instance, designers know pretty well about the feminine, masculine and neutral colors. So they use the perfect blend of colors and design to give the best feeling for a particular target market.

Raising Brand Awareness:

Raising brand awareness

Brand awareness is difficult in these days as an average person sees multiple brand’s messages and advertisements in a day.  With such multiple logo designs that we see every day, it is difficult to make a face of the brand memorable amongst all others. In contrast, only an interesting logo can raise brand awareness and make its place in the minds of the consumers.

Trigger The Emotions:

A good logo design is not just good by design but is good when it connects with the emotions of the audience. Adding up an emotional appeal in a design triggers the mind of the consumers and affects their buying decision. The logo is the first symbol that your audience sees on your website, product and social media. And if it is attractive enough that it catches your audience attention, then it eventually boosts up your sales. Generally, people are more attracted towards the packaging and not by the product. So the better the logo, the more it will generate sales.

Get Professionals Logo Design:

A professional logo designer uses the best of his skills in designing a logo which online logo makers cannot achieve. An expert knows the industry trends and adds the best and appealing elements in the logo to entice a brand’s potential customers. If you are thinking to design it by using an online logo maker, then you are missing out the blend of perfect colors for your brand.

Add A Look to Your Brand Persona:

If you choose to create a letter mark or wordmark logo, choose fonts that will play a key role in making the logo memorable. Letter mark logos only have the initial letters of a company name. Wordmark logos have the full name of the company.

For example, HP logo is a letter mark while DELL logo is a word mark. Pick a font carefully considering the company’s brand personality. There is a wide range of high-quality fonts available to the designers. But not all of them are equally good for every logo, so choose them wisely. 

Build Customer Trust:

Consumers recommend brands that they trust and therefore builds a consistent buying pattern with the brands they trust. Build up a consistent branding strategy that strengthens customer’s trust and thus increases your sales.

Protect your Logo Design:

A logo is not something that can be changed in a short span of time. There is a lot that goes into building a brand’s identity and if you do not register your logo, you risk to be stolen. To establish the brand identity and, thereby, develop ideas to increase sales, the creation of a logo that ticks all the right boxes is vital to the eventual well-being of a company. Place the logo where the customers expect to find it and drive the best sales for your company.


If you are designing your logo while considering all the key factors, it will drive new customers your way. Creating a business symbol that makes your brand impressive is what a brand must aim from the beginning. The design itself speaks about your business, and people get your core message by just looking at your brand identity.

Create a brand persona that develops trust and reliability for your brand by just looking at your logo. In this way, it becomes easier for you to reach your business goals. Each brand is unique and expresses unique business traits. So a brand identity is one of the big factors of creating distinctive business traits to set apart your brand from others. Just a few good changes can do wonders for your sales. You will also notice new customers following to your brand.

Loius Martin
Loius Martin is an SEO strategist at a design company in Dallas. He has been assisting B2B and B2C businesses with design and digital marketing and has helped many businesses to achieve effective online presence. Presently he is working on a design and branding project for his clients. Follow him at @loiusmartin1.
Loius Martin

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