How to Get a Professional Look in Your Company Videos

In 2018 most companies already knew that company videos marketing is great to get more leads. If you can craft a video that is both visually appealing and shows your company’s human side, you can increase your conversion by 80%. Nothing communicates your message better to potential consumers than video. But how do you make it? How to ensure that it appeals to your target audience and makes your company look professional and trustworthy? This is what we will explore here.

Basic Equipment for Business Vlog Recording

If you’re new to this world, you may think making company videos is an arduous task. It could be if you do it without a bit of research, but it can be accomplished with a clear understanding of the process.

And with technology on our side, almost anyone can create a video worth uploading and showing to others.

Among all the company videos being dished out, a new presence is vlogging. Video blogs are not fancy videos at all, they are very simple and anyone can make them. And still, people love watching them. This lets the company’s representatives communicate with people in a much more effective way.

First, you will need some equipment:

  • A camera that can record at least 1080p video
  • An external microphone
  • Good lighting
  • A proper background
  • Editing software

These are all the tools you need to start filming the video. You may think this will require a big investment, but most of this equipment is cheap and you may not even need to get a new camera.

Let’s now explain each step of the process.

Create a Professional Company Videos Step by Step

For the video to look professional, you can follow these simple guidelines. Even if you don’t have the best equipment, you can carve out a watchable video with some basic knowledge. Here’s how to do it:

1) Choose a background

The best way to define your background is thinking about your audience. You probably already know your clients’ demographics. Use it to define the perfect look for your company videos.

For a serious look, try getting a white backdrop and make sure to point two lights towards it so you have a clean background. You may even try to use your office as the background so people can see the place of work. This can help them notice that you’re a real professional when it comes to your services.

For a natural look, you can completely ignore setting a fancy background. You could even take your camera with you and record around your offices. There’s no need to pretend if you’re simply showing your human side.

To help you with your background, you can try increasing your lens aperture. You can do this after setting your camera to aperture priority. This way you can get that bokeh effect – or blurry background – that can help you separate the background and focus the attention on you. Just make sure that the camera is focusing you or you will look all blurry.

2) Use a high-definition camera

In these times, everyone is using HD quality, so it would be a disadvantage not to record at 1080p. The good news is that you could use your phone. Basically, all modern smartphones can record 1080p and some of them can go up to 4k. This means that you probably have a good camera in your pocket.

But in case you have a big budget and prefer using a dedicated camera for this, you can take a look at this list of good cameras.

3) Get good lighting

This is by far the most important aspect of recording professional-looking company videos, at least when it comes to image quality. Remember this: cameras need a lot of light to be able to capture the moment, just like you and I need it to see well. However, cameras need a lot more light than us. If you don’t use a lot of lighting, your camera will need to increase its sensor’s sensibility to light.  This will decrease the image quality progressively. To avoid that, you need to use as much light as you can.

You can find good-enough lighting kits going for around $50. They usually come with three bulbs, stands, and umbrellas or softboxes to soften the light. You can use two of them at an angle and point them at you. Finally, put one in the back and point it to your back without letting it appear on camera. This will help you separate the background and focus the attention on you.

4) Use a good microphone

A decent microphone doesn’t need to be expensive. As long as you’re using a dedicated microphone and not the one included in your camera, you will do much better. There are a couple of things to take into account:

First, make sure your camera has a microphone input jack. If it doesn’t, you will need to get an external recorder. The Zoom H1 is pretty popular and can achieve clear audio by itself. You can try it out first and if you hear too much noise – this happens a lot if your office is a busy place – you can then get a lapel microphone and connect it to the recorder. This will get the microphone closer to your face, so you should be much louder than the background noise.

You can also use a shotgun microphone, but to use one you need a camera with a hot shoe, or else you need to buy a stand for it and connect it to your recorder.

5) Dress properly

Once the camera, mic and the lighting are taken care of, you can think about your outfit. I won’t put too many words into this because I’m sure you already know how you should look for your clients. You don’t need to hire a fashion designer. Just pick clothes that go well with your company’s image but that are also comfortable.

6) Know the subject you are going to talk about

The video should come across as natural and people in it, especially your employees, need to appear comfortable. And the best way to achieve this is by knowing what you’re doing. This could be difficult but keep re-taking as long as you don’t feel it’s coming out naturally. Try and get everyone used to the gaze of the camera and help them avoid becoming overly self-conscious.

7) Edit the video

After everything else is in place, shoot the video and save it on a disk. You probably ended up with a lot of takes and clips, or maybe you recorded everything in one single take. You can choose between these two styles and keep them in mind while editing.

If you recorded everything in one take, the editing should be pretty simple. Just open your editing software and insert the clip. After that, export it in .mp4 format, use 1920×1080 resolution and a 16:9 ratio to upload to YouTube.

The second style requires more work, but the advantage is that you can cut out all the flaws in the recording. You will need to cut and paste all the clips together in a way that ends up looking like a single conversation. This can take more time than you think, but with some practice, you will learn to do it faster. If you watch a lot of movies or YouTube videos you should have a feeling of how the final result should look. Just avoid cutting words in half and make sure you are using the right clips. That should be enough to produce decently edited company videos.

To understand the process better, you can read these tips.


Having well-made company videos or vlogs is a great asset and can help your company enrich its profile and engage better with customers. Doing this the wrong way could be counter-productive. However, it really isn’t hard or expensive to produce a decent video.

You can always do everything yourself if you have the time for it. If you don’t, you can always hire someone to do it for you or delegate it to an employee that has a better skill set for this. Just remember that creating a good video is a valuable asset to your company and it is something you want to start doing in 2018 to compete in this age.

The idea is to let your clients know that there are human beings behind the services you offer. This will help them trust your business, which will inevitably attract more clients and give you more leads.

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