How to Use CRM to Deliver Positive Customer Experiences

You finally found a way to get more clients and optimized your online website to increase your traffic. But did you know that you have to nurture a long-term relationship with all those people? In this technology-driven day and age, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a pivotal tool for every business type to manage company’s interactions effectively with current and prospective clients and customers’, as well as to deliver amazing and ‘WOW’ customer experiences.

What are Customer Experiences and Why Are They So Important to Your Business?

Customer experiences are one of the fundamental strategies in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. Customer experience is defined as a process of interaction between customers’ and businesses throughout the customer-business relationship. This interaction can be in the form of creating a new awareness about your business products and/or services, clearing the doubts that your customers’ previously held, acting as an advocate, persuading your customers’ to purchase your company’s products, and providing an exceptional customer service.

For any business, regardless of its size, building positive customer experiences are important to foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

However, in today’s competitive business environment, customers’ tastes and interests are completely changing. These days, customers’ are expecting businesses to anticipate their future needs and preferences. This enables businesses to deliver positive and personalized customer experiences. Moreover, customers’ are willing to pay a higher amount for businesses who can offer those personalized customer experiences.

For various types of businesses in the world, I would like to ask a few simple questions. Are your customers’ happy and satisfied with your business? Does your business provide great customer experiences and personalized customer services? Have you earned any loyal customers’? Did they provide any positive ratings for your customer service? No? Then, you must understand your customers’ needs, interests and preferences. It will help you improve your customers’ buying experiences and ensure a quality customer service.

Here are a few CRM strategies to deliver memorable and positive customer experiences:

1. Define a Clear Vision for Customer Experience

Does your company have a clear customer-focused vision? No? Then, it’s the right time to write down the clear goals of your customer experience strategies that can be communicated throughout your business organization. Once you have defined the vision of your customer experience strategy, it must drive the behavior of your organization. Every member of your team should thoroughly understand the principles of customer experiences.

2. Collect Customer Feedback in Real-Time

Do you ever deliver positive customer experiences? Did your customers’ anytime express their satisfaction with your business? How do you know? Capture the customer feedback in real-time. Once your customer has completed purchasing your company’s products and/or services, then try to deliver the automated customer satisfaction surveys or post-interaction surveys, all in order to gain meaningful insight into your customers’ buying experiences. You can use SutiSurvey software to design and deliver the meaningful customer feedback surveys in a few seconds, in addition to integrating of the survey software with CRM system for effective results.

3. Have an Emotional Bonding with Your Customers’

Has your business ever tried the concept of emotional bonding with your current and potential customers’? There is a saying that, “Customers’ tend to buy from companies who can emotionally connect and bond well with them.” This is one of the best customer experience strategies to implement. Developing an emotional bonding with your existing customers’ will help your business to drive the customer loyalty, build long-lasting customer relationships, and improve the customer lifetime value (CLV).

4. Identify Your Customers’ Wants and Needs

Have you ever researched or tried to understand your customers’ wants and needs? However, to build the superior customer experiences, it is always imperative for businesses to have a thorough and clear understanding of your customers’ tastes, interests, preferences, and needs. You can utilize the solutions of CRM system to create customer personas and to provide a specific name to each one of the customer personas. Say for e.g. “John is 25 years old, working as a computer software engineer, and interested in the latest technological news.” This kind of customer personas will help your customer support team to recognize each customer individually, and to develop a better understanding of your customers.

5. Consistently Keep In Touch With Your Customers’

Are you willing to boost your customer experiences? Then, it is important for your business to maintain a frequent and consistent touch with your customers’ and prospects. But, how can a company interact with its customers’?

However, for an effective customer interaction, businesses need CRM software solution; it can provide your company’s staff with the most valuable and the latest information about your customers’ needs, wants, and interests. Moreover, you can use this information while you are having a conversation with your customers’. During the conversation, your business can develop meaningful customer relationships, enhance the customer loyalty factor, and in addition to this, the key customer details obtained from CRM software can help your business to categorize the diversified audience into targeted and relevant groups, and send them the right marketing messages, to the right people and at the right time.

6. Develop Personalized Customer Relationships

CRM, in the name, itself it says that “It is meant to manage and maintain the customer interactions and relationships effectively and efficiently.” And moreover, the software will help your business to store the personalized and relevant information about your customers’ such as your customers’ age, demographics, profession, average income, gender, hobbies and the other important personal details – birthdays, anniversaries etc.

This information is highly useful for your business to create a more meaningful and personalized interaction with your customers’. Rather than in a professional way, always try to approach your audience in a friendly and personalized manner.

By using the information available in the online CRM software, you can segment your customers’ into the targeted and relevant groups, and send them the personalized marketing messages.

7. Monitor Your Own Business Performance

Apart from learning about your customers’ needs, interests, tastes, preferences etc; it is also important for your business to monitor and track the key customer metrics – customer experiences, customer retention rates, customer drop-down ratio, customer loyalty factor etc.

Moreover, a quality CRM system can help your business to record the various customer measurements which can include the two key metrics: First Contact Resolution and Average Handle Time.

The First Contact Resolution, this is a metric that can tell your business about the number of issues that were resolved successfully with a positive outcome.

The Average Handle Resolution, it is a metric that tells you how much time your employee spends on customer inquiries. Moreover, it will show – how efficiently your company can resolve the customer issues. And the customer metrics can also help your company to self-analyze themselves and to check how the things are working at their end. Different organizations will be having different kinds of customer needs; therefore it is always better to purchase comprehensive CRM software, which can help your business to monitor the customer metrics accurately and efficiently.


Thanks to the ever-growing business competition, customers’ are becoming more powerful than ever before. They have the complete freedom to fly off to the competitors once they have realized that they are not satisfied with the services provided by their current brand. Therefore, it is the main responsibility of every business type to constantly nurture the needs of its customers. Also, provide great customer experiences, and offer the personalized customer support services they are looking for. This can create a positive impact on customer loyalty and increase the customer retention factor. It can also, reduce the customer churn rates, and drastically improve the business revenue.

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